Bab’Aziz is a Sufi tale of inner peace, the strength of human faith and ultimately, the comprehension of the soul. With great talent, the director Nacer Khemir, successfully projected such a magnanimous subject as the soul on screen. In a very real, but magical setting, the story follows the wonderfully named Ishtar and her grandfather, Baba Aziz, across the desert as they search for ‘their destination’. The sweet and tender relationship shared between grandchildren and their grandparents is perfectly portrayed throughout. As they are guided through the dunes, Baba Aziz imparts his wisdom in the form of a tale unto Ishtar, easing her winding journey. Their travels are far from lonely as they chance by many characters along the way that each have their own valuable lessons to share. Certainly worth watching for those with a particular interest in philosophy and spiritual writings.


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