7 Arab Comedians to Brighten Up your Day

Lift your spirits and laugh a little with these present day comedians from the East and the West.

Maysoon Zayid

A Palestinian comedienne with a cause.

She was rejected from playing the part of a girl with cerebral palsy in a university production because her professors “didn’t believe she could do the stunts.” To which she replied “if I can’t do the stunts, then the character sure as hell can’t.”

Nemr Abu Nasser

This Lebanese comedian frequently speaks on relationships, war and society.

Nadia Kamil

A Welsh-Iraqi comedian and writer who focuses on social and women’s issues.

Amer Zahr

The second Palestinian on the list is a son of refugees who often draws inspiration from his background and his experiences growing up in the US.

El Hezb El Comedy

The group describes itself as “a community-based organization” which addresses “the current need to have a platform for comedians to go to in order to have a sense of belonging as opposed to being out in a relatively new market.”

Here’s a particularly amusing act from Omar the “White Sudani”.

Gad Elmaleh (subs)

A very popular Moroccan comedian and actor, most of whose work is in French. His shows are highly varied in subject matter, without depending on race or religion for material.

Fellag (no subs)

I discovered this Algerian comedian through watching the film Monsieur Lazhar. He has a wonderful talent for turning everyday Algerian life into creative, humoristic scenes.

This is the story of a man who is in love with a girl and so strong and stealthy are his skills of flirting, she never notices him.

Who would you add to the list? Share your favourite comedians below!


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