O Blessed Palestine (Poem)

O Palestine, the courageous and the intrepid.

O Palestine, an ardent illustration of faith.

O Palestine, the emblem of submissiveness.

O Palestine, the symbol of loyal devotion.


Do not lament on your condition,

The entire world discusses your bravery,

And in the sky your sons are adorned.


And do not wail over the deaths

For He has said, “They are alive.”

They drank that blessed ‘Wine of Martyrdom’,

For which the companions of Prophet (peace be upon him) longed.


The blood of your sons will not go in vain,

The tree will blossom, and the birds will come back.

The golden dome will shine soon,

You will be free soon.


O Palestine, blessed is your land; every part of earth craves for the luck you have.

And the fate your sons have, I covet that.

I could die for your life.

May Allah shower his blessings on you,

We learn from you, compliance, and love.

 Hammad Rizvi


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