Nine Syrian Artists that will Inspire Your Inner Creator

Muhammed Ejleh

This talented 3D artist of Syrian origin not only spreads joy through his fun, dimension defying scribbles, but has created online tutorials to teach others about his skills online.



Loay Kayali

Born in 1934, Aleppo, Kayali’s artwork is a bitter-sweet record of Syrian life. Some portraits capture the beauty of humanity, whilst others are a dark expression of the nation’s bloody, tragic past.



Safwan Dahoul

Safwan was born in Hama, 1961. His works are bold, dark and highly expressive. Making modern art with a heavy Syrian accent, Safwan has created a number of striking egocentric images which explore human relations, self-delusion and individual importance.



Mahmoud Hammad

A pioneer of modern art, Hammad was born in Jarabulus in 1928. His work can be characterised by bold strokes and soft lines with Arabic letters and distinct cultural references folded in. Though his colour palette remained muted, his art spoke volumes.



Waseem Al Marzouki

Artist and film producer, Al Marzouki is currently working with moving pictures in Qatar.

Adham Ismail

Adham from Antioch died young at the age of 41 in 1963, but filled his life with art and travel. Bright colours, simple shapes and the human being feature prominently in his artwork.



Oussama Diab

Diab is the Damascene with an eclectic style whose work is a reflection of current Syrian conflict and the contradictions of war and its wagers. Diab makes millennial pop art with a political, Syrian twist.



Wissam al Jazairly

Al Jazairly graduated from art school in 2011 and launched himself into political drawings at the outbreak of the Syrian revolution that very year. He has previously designed for the Economist.



Monif Ajaj

Inspired by daily life in Damascus and Al Jazireh, his hometown, Ajaj’s works are delicate and satirical, detailed and surreal. His series Mondaseen (infiltrators) is a record of the present turmoil in Sham.


Artists, if you wish to have your work removed, please contact




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