Afaf & Marwa, Two Moroccan Women Making A Fashion Statement with Palestinian Poetry

am Who are Afaf and Marwa? Afaf (20) and Marwa (17) are two Moroccan sisters from Tétuan (northern Morocco), currently living as students and designers in Casablanca. They are the owners of their own online boutique, proudly selling their bold, colourful and cultural creations across borders. Afaf is currently studying at the National School of Trade and Management and Marwa is at high school, due to graduate this year. How long have you two been designing for and where did you start out ? Marwa : Designing is not something new to us and we have been doing it for several years, originally only sharing our work with our family. Our very first design was a navy dress. We remember that our parents were so proud and Afaf wore it to every single party she was invited to ! After two years of blogging, we decided to integrate our designs into our outfits. The feedback was positive, and after having a long think we thought that it was the right time to launch our precollection. You have incorporated the words of Arab poets into your designs, what inspired you to do this and who are your favourite Arab writers? There is a little story behind the Arabic poetry on our clothes. We were going to attend a concert of the magnificent Trio Joubran and were thinking of cool outfits to wear. Marwa is a huge fan of Mahmoud Darwich and she really wanted to express this through her outfit. This is how our idea [of using Arabic poetry in deisign], came about. We decided to draw out a part of the poem « Forgotten as if you never were » by Mahmoud Darwich. Initially, we hesitated a bit, as this was something that no one had done before, but that was it ! Somebody had to do it. After the concert ended, Wissam (one of the Joubran brothers) told us he loved the idea and he signed our shirt ! Besides Darwich, our favorite Arab writers are Jabran Khalil Jabran, Omar Khayam and Tahar Benjelloun. What can we expecting from Afaf and Marwa in the future? A new collection, with more Arabic in it. Our aim is to prove to the world that Arabic can be a « cool » language. We are making this happen as we ship our t-shirts to France and the United States. So stay tuned for more inspiring designs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Afaf and Marwa and best of luck in your studies and your designing ! afafandmarwa Click to find Afaf and Marwa on facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram and on their blog/shop.


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