The Time That Remains

A dead pan, poignant and personal account of the Israeli occupation, this film is a collection of moments highlighting Palestinian stagnation since 1948. The Arabs are thrown into an experience beyond their comprehension and Elia watches as their reactions and protest become scattered and incoherent in reflection of Arab consciousness at the time. The main character becomes a spectator of his own life as a coping mechanism in the midst of his parents’ deaths, as his town of Nazareth unconditionally surrenders to Israeli forces and as his country crumbles. There are very few graphic scenes in the film and soldiers make a rare appearance on screen. In place of bloody parts, ‘The Time That Remains’ is loaded with raw emotion. A true tragicomedy, artistically shot and embellished with powerful images, poetically written and buoyed by typical Arab humour. This is not ‘just another movie about Israel and Palestine’.

Do not hesitate to watch this film.


Have you seen this film? What were your thoughts?


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