This is not a film for the faint of heart. Kadosh is an exploration into the lives of Orthodox Jewish women in Israel (the Hasidim). The story revolves around two sisters; Rivka, the oldest, who has married for love and is yet to bear children and Malka, who is forced to marry the most radical member of the community. This isolated group live strictly according to the laws of the Torah and are forbidden from serving in the Israeli army. The women are subordinate to the will of men, prohibited from reading the Torah and, in the case of Rivka, are vilified for being unable to have children. Her husband’s father is a Rabbi who implores his son to divorce Rivka on the grounds that “a barren woman is no woman”, supporting the notion that women exist only as vessels to future sons. Recommended to those interested in this sect of Jewish society, feminism and the risks faced by women living in secluded societies.



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