Five Broken Cameras

Saved from death 5 times by filming equipment, Emad Burnat leads us through the separation wall into a first-hand account of life in Bil’in. Emad bought his first camera in order to record the birth of Gibreel, his youngest son – as the boy grows we watch how the surrounding violence and conflict shape his character. This fragile child, prone to ailments, develops an internal strength unparalleled by other children of his age. Five times we see how his father is shielded from death and how year upon year, his role of village cameraman affects his family and community. One of the most unique films of its type, Five Broken Cameras is co-directed with Emad’s friend, Guy Davidi the Israeli film maker.  This documentary is a testament to the power of the camera in war zones and the fortitude of the innocent embroiled in battle. Highly recommended to those interested in how children are affected by war and the realities of Palestinian life.


If you have seen or would like to see this film, let us know your thoughts.


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