Ibn Al Haytham – The beginning of camera technology


Born in Basra, Ibn Al Haytham (965-1040AD) made some of the greatest advancements in the understanding of science, mathematics and optics. His breakthroughs on catoptrics has influenced centuries of scientific experiment. His most noted work, Kitab al Manazir (Book of optics) contained his ground breaking theories on visual perception. At the time others believed in the physical entry of objects to the eye, his work concluded the journey of light in a straight line from the object towards our sockets.

Al Haytham was able to demonstrate this theory through the use of lenses and mirrors. The camera obscura has been found in ancient writings across the world; however it is Al Haytham who has thus far been found to provide the clearest and earliest description of the device.

His contributions to the foundations in scientific understanding of optics have since seen science and society advance in leaps and bounds. Without Al Haytham, today’s world could be far off from DSLRs, LCD TVs, Cinema and Instagram.


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