La Source Des Femmes (The Source of Women)

A disappointment on many levels, this film receives one star for its aesthetic appeal. Beautifully shot in the mountains of Morocco the traditional inhabitants, previously secluded from the wider world, become embroiled in a battle of the sexes at the arrival of Leila. Married into the village, every morning she must take the perilous journey up and down the mountains with the other women to collect water for the community. She watches as women frequently miscarry during duty as they slip on the precarious terrain. Enraged that the men do not take part in the work, Leila attempts to unite the women in a strike. Whilst difficult, the women eventually concede to a ‘love strike’, finding their power in sexuality. The source of women took an orientalist approach to the subject concentrating but for 3 minutes on the women’s’ intellectual worth. This was a shallow and poorly attempted exploration of women’s role and equality in Middle Eastern society.


If you have seen or would like to see this film, tell us your thoughts.


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