La Haine (Hatred)

Abdul has been beaten close to death by policeman, sparking a riot in the Parisian quarter where Vinz, Said and Hubert live. Vinz finds a clandestine policeman’s gun and swears to shoot and kill in revenge if his friend becomes the next victim to die from police brutality. Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, this black and white documents the following 19 hours as the friends escape their quarter for a day of amusement in the centre of Paris. The relationship between the three is tested as their trip finds them repeatedly confronted and abused by police and skin heads. Vinz is full of hatred and anger whose impulsive behaviour regularly results in violence, Hubert is calm and contemplative, hoping to escape his limited situation for a better life and Said mediates between the two. Gritty, realistic and humorous, for lovers of; French cinema, films recording the underbelly of any society, French riots, history and culture.


If you have seen or would like to see this film, tell us your thoughts.


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