Greetings from Morocco to the UAE

There are four main dialects of the Middle East; Eastern: Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Gulf (including Saudi Arabia), Egyptian and North African (Morocco)

Peace be Upon You As-salam ‘alaykum السلام عليكم
Response Wa ‘alaykum As-Salam  و عليكم السلام
Welcome (informal) Marhaba  مرحبا
Welcome Ahlan was sahlan أهلاً و سهلاً
Hello (telephone) ‘Allo آلو
Good morning Sabah Al Kheir صباح الخير
Response Sabah An-Nour صباح النّور
Good evening Masa’ Al-Kheir مساء الخير
Response Masa’ An-Nour مساء النّور
Hi, how are you? (Egyptian informal) Ezaik إزيك
How are you? (Iraq) Shlonach (m) Sho-nitch (f) شلونَك*
How are you? (Lebanon) Kifak (m) Kifek (f) كيفك
Fine thanks and you? (Lebanon) Mnih (m) Mniha (f) منيح

*In Iraqi Arabic, the k (ك) is usually pronounce with a ‘ch’ sound – particularly in words with Turkish roots.

mostly words with farsi or turkish roots have that sound …

The first nine phrases are almost universal and the rest mostly understood throughout the Middle East, with slight variations.


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